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Public is a greek retail chain, specializing in entertainment, which within a short period of time - since its founding in 2005 - has managed to alter local consumer habits. Its stores, modern and unique, with a wide range of technology and entertainment products on offer, are sure to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers/visitors, regardless of age, who will find in a single store all the latest in fields that are different but also complementary to each other, such as: music and film, mobile and digital technology, books and comics, gadgets and toys, computers and gaming.This is Public’s magic: A destination where all family members, regardless of age, can find in an easy way what they’re looking for, discover something new, get an update on all that’s new and exciting or just spend their time in a creative way.

  • Public, Athens
    1 Karageorgi Servias , Syntagma Square 10563, Athens