Training & Advice

Starting your Tax Free service with Premier is efficient and easy. A Premier Representative will visit your store and provide on-site training for you and your key staff members.

We provide you with a comprehensive training manual which explains in great detail the ins and outs of VAT; including VAT legislation, the tax refund process, customer eligibility, cash refund location as well as the Premier service and solutions. We even help you to improve your overall selling techniques and provide you with essential advice for your international customer.

Given the increasing influx of foreign tourists and customers, understanding and applying cultural norms, practises and standards can go a long way to building rapport, loyalty and customer satisfaction. Premier Tax Free can offer specifically designed one day cultural training courses suitable for sales people and managers working in the luxury retail sector. Through a great blend of expert trainer input and interactive, practical exercises, the course is designed to give:

·Practical advice on dealing with cultural differences

·The do’s and don’ts that can make or break a sale

·Top tips to close more sales and retain international customers in store

Our priority is to ensure that you have the right tools to make the best sale.