Premier Automatic

Premier Automatic is our leading-edge, fully automated VAT refund system. Developed by our IT and payment specialists, Premier Automatic offers card identification software which automatically recognises the origin of the credit card and subsequently whether your customer is eligible for a VAT refund.

Premier Automatic

Designed to be installed on your existing point of sale payment terminal, it is the fastest and most intelligent way to offer VAT refunds.

Premier Automatic is the ultimate convenience for both shopper and retailer. This highly innovative system eliminates the need for lengthy administration and form filling, it ensures a speedy and efficient response with no complications, no confusion and it significantly reduces queues at the point of sale.

Premier Automatic makes the shopping experience more enjoyable, which can make the difference between a shopper returning to your store during their next visit.

Premier Automatic is free of charge for the retailer so please contact us to find out more about what it can do for you and your sales.