Government Partners

Premier Tax Free works in close cooperation with the world's governments in order to secure a fully authorised and certified Tax Refund service for retail merchants. Premier Tax Free incorporates local legislation requirements when introducing a VAT refund service in each new country. On many occasions Premier Tax Free have been able to bring new and exciting recommendations to European governments to improve the tax free process.


In 1985 Premier Tax Free was the first VAT refund provider to negotiate with the Irish Tax authorities for a direct refund of the VAT paid to tourists. This facility resulted in less paperwork for merchants and a better control system by the tax authorities. This Premier procedure is now a standard feature throughout the industry.

Furthermore Premier Tax Free is currently collaborating with French customs to introduce a new automated electronic process for the control and validation of tax refund forms.

Government Relationships

Premier Tax Free has been chosen by public tender to be the tax refund operator for the government of Jordan since 2003

Jordanian Government Relationship

In 2003 Premier Tax Free was chosen by the Jordanian government to take ful responsibility for the introduction of a Tourist Tax Refund programme.

This partnership has been a great success as Jordan's tourism is an expanding and vibrant industry.